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Last Updated 22/11/2020

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Feedback from PCC 

Church fabric update 

Recent storms have resulted in further damage to the Church ceiling in the
area in front of the organ. The church architect has made an onsite visit and
has advised that while worship may be held in the main part of the Nave,
there should be no public access to the area under the Crossing. This means
we cannot use the Nave Altar in its present position. For the time being, the
Eucharist will be celebrated on a small table sited in between the front pews.
The Archdeacon has been informed and PCC are working with the Architect
and DAC (diocesan advisory committee) and we will follow the advice that is

In the medium term, as a further precautionary measure whilst activities
continue in the Nave, netting may be installed at high level to catch any
significant pieces of plaster which may fall here. There is no precedent or
evidence of falling plaster in this part of the church so this should be viewed as
a pre-emptive solution to safeguard from potential issues here. We are also
looking at the possibility of installing boards under the existing ceiling and will
make an application to the DAC to do this.

Looking further ahead, the area of roof under the crossing needs to be
addressed from above, and there is the possibility that this work may need to
be extended to other areas of the roof. All this of course is costly and will only
be possible if sufficient funding can be found.
For the time being, activities in the Church building will be confined to Sunday
worship. This means that weddings, baptisms and funerals cannot be held in
the building at the moment. We will review this and share regular updates on
the church website.

While we could feel dismayed, even overwhelmed, at all the challenges facing
us at the moment, we remember that the God of hope calls us to be Church in
whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

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