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Bible readings and prayers following a death can be downloaded 

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Important update 4th January 2021

Storms in August 2020 resulted in further damage to the Church ceiling in the area in front of the organ.  The church architect made an onsite visit and has advised that while Sunday worship may be held in the main part of the Nave, subject to current COVID guidelines, there should be no public access to the area under the Crossing. The Archdeacon has been informed and PCC ( Church Council) are currently liaising with the Architect and DAC (diocesan advisory committee) regarding the necessary permissions for repairs.


In the meantime , and until repairs can be carried out, the PCC have agreed not to offer funerals in the Church building. We will continue to offer graveside services in the Churchyard, limiting the number of people gathered to close family members and no more than 15 people, in order to maintain social distancing.

Please talk to the Priest in Charge about prayers which can be used at home, for those who are unable to attend a funeral in person.

Book of Remembrance

We have a book of remembrance in church and welcome names being added. Please either come into church and pick up a form or speak to Rev'd Paula about how names can be added.


The Rt Revd Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Lichfield, writes;

"Our churchyards are set aside as places of quiet dignity and  good order where you and others may come to reflect on the life of your loved one, the  compassion and mercy of God and his promise  of resurrection to eternal life through  faith in Him. They are sacred and holy places.

Churchyards are public spaces and shared by many families but overseen by the church.  ..........Churchyard Regulations are in place to help you and others mark the final resting place  of your loved one in a visible way, giving  you a  place to visit, whilst respecting the families of others who are

buried in the same churchyard.''

Details of these regulations  are published in the booklet, Hallowed Ground and more details can be found in  a

‘Guidance to the Bereaved’ .

Copies are available in church, on request from a churchwarden or the Priest in Charge, or can be downloaded from the Lichfield diocesan web  site:

Please do discuss your requirements before making any final  arrangements because no memorial can be placed in a churchyard without the written permission of the parish priest.

The following are not permitted – kerbs, railings, or chippings.

A written application is required before any memorial stone may be erected in the Churchyard at St Matthew’s. The paperwork can be obtained from the Priest-in-Charge, Rev’d Paula Smith.

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Updated 2020

Reservation of burial plot(s)