Christening Updated 03/10/2022

Please contact to enquire about Christenings at St Matthew’s Church.


You may also like to visit for prayers that you can use at home as well as up to date information and practical ideas about Christenings in the Church of England.


In cases of emergency baptisms please contact here 



Prayers for you to use at home:

At bedtime
Loving God,
As the light shines in his/her room,
May your light shine always for my little one.
May he/she go safely through life,
Knowing your love and goodness.
May he/she be like a light for others,
Bringing hope and joy to friend and stranger.
May he/she know you are always there
To guide, to lead and to protect. Amen
After a difficult day.

Dear God,
Sometimes life is good and sometimes it’s not.
Help us to know that you are with us in all of it.
Where we have done wrong today, forgive us;
when we have felt sad, comfort us;
where we have been afraid, strengthen us;
When we feel we’ve had enough give us strength to try again.
For we are on an amazing journey of faith,
and we know that you never leave us.
Bless this home tonight and let your peace be known.
In Jesus name, we pray. Amen