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Donnington Wood


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Every Monday we look at a reading from the Bible, the latest reading was Genesis 24:67.

We learned how Abraham wanted his son Isaac to take a wife, so their servant was sent back to their homeland to find him a wife. The servant prayed to God to help him and when he got to the homeland he came across a well. The servant knew that should a young woman draw water from the well and offer him some and then give some to the camels, she would be the right one. While he waited he prayed to God. A young woman came to the well and it happened as he had prayed, she was called Rebekah. Rebekah took the servant to meet her brother Laban and the servant told him he was sent by Abraham, and that the Lord had shown him Rebekah was special and had been chosen by God. Rebekah and the servant journeyed back to Isaac who was eagerly waiting for them to return. When Isaac saw Rebekah it was love at first sight and they were married right away.


The wishing well has been made by Paola and Lavinia and it has messages of hope attached as we pray that God provides for us.