Eco Church

We’ve won an award!

St Matthew’s has achieved a bronze Eco Church award.

 What is that?

The award is in recognition of “efforts to care for God’s earth”.


How we did it-

We haven’t had to make any big changes, it’s really a lot of small steps which have moved us in the right direction.

Things like: changing light fittings so we can use energy efficient bulbs.

Changing to an energy provider which uses only renewable sources.

Using recycled paper products and environmentally friendly cleaning materials.

Enjoying FairTrade or Red Tractor tea, coffee and sugar for refreshments.

Providing suitable containers to ensure as much as possible is recycled and not thrown away.

Leaving the grass slightly longer in some areas of the churchyard and planting wildflowers to encourage insects.

Using the churchyard to display information about the natural world as well as ideas for prayer and reflection.


Who are A Rocha?

A Rocha UK is a network of Christian organisations committed to managing their land for nature.

They also facilitate the Eco Church movement of 3100 churches learning to care for creation in all they do.

Their mission is “to equip Christians to protect and restore the environment-for God, nature and all people”.


What’s next?

We will continue working towards a Silver award, making small changes to do what we can to care for God’s earth.


Lead person is Heather she can be contacted here

Visit A Rocha UK – for more ideas.