Church opening

St Matthew's Church

Donnington Wood


We look forward to welcoming you to a service in St Matthew’s Church.


As we open our Church building for worship, we are following guidance from the Church of England recovery group to keep us all safe.  This means there will be some changes in the way we do things in Church. Here is what you need to know if you are planning to attend a service;


In order for us to maintain the appropriate distance between people, spaces in Church are limited. We are asking you to let us know if you are coming to a Sunday service so that we can plan seating. To reserve your place please phone or text 07519171685 between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. on Friday evening. Please do not leave a voicemail. Places can only be reserved one week at a time, so you will need to ‘book in ‘for each service.

You will be asked to provide your name and telephone number for NHS track and trace purposes. This information will not be used for anything else and will be destroyed after 21 days.


The Church of England recovery group now strongly advises that face coverings should be worn in Church, remembering that they are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer from COVID-19. Face masks are not a replacement for physical distancing and good hand hygiene measures.


Please use the sanitizer provided both on entry and as you leave the church.


You will be directed to a seat by a welcomer ; please do not change seats or move around once you are seated unless you need to visit the toilet.  Once all the allocated seats are filled we will not be able to admit any more people.


Service sheets will be available on designated seats. Please take these home with you to use during the week.


Sadly, we do not have facilities to offer Junior Church activities or creche facilities in Church at the moment. Parents/ carers must supervise children while they are in Church. 


A plate will be available for your donations at the entrance to Church. We would prefer to keep cash donations to a minimum. Cheques should be made payable to St Matthew’s PCC. Donations can also be made to St Matthew’s by standing order or online. Please ask for details here 


When the service ends, you will be asked to remain seated until you are directed to move, allowing those seated nearest the entrance to go out first. 


Look out for information and instructions on posters and signs both in the Churchyard and the Church building.


Thank you for your co-operation.


 Priest in Charge and PCC July 2020